Step-by-step guide to ordering a Sunbrella Replacement Canopy

Choosing Sunbrella®’s fade-resistant fabric is always the best value over the long haul. We use genuine Sunbrella® with a 5-year minimum warranty against fade. Your new Sunbrella® umbrella replacement canopy is custom made to your specs. We will purchase the selected fabric from Sunbrella® and sew to order.

Before proceeding please click here to take a quick look at our 60 second “How to measure an umbrella” video.

Here’s how to order:

  • Keep this window open as a guide through the ordering process. You can email us or call/text our umbrella expert Mark Taylor at 480-600-1049 with questions throughout the process. Let us simplify the ordering process for you.
  • Keep in mind that we advertise replacement canopies for the standard center-pole umbrellas. They are not designed for a cantilever/offset style umbrella.
  • Our canopies are single vented. Though uncommon, we can make a double-vented replacement canopy for an extra $50.
  • Our online advertised pricing is for any genuine Sunbrella® 5400 series material. However, we can produce your new canopy from any available Sunbrella® fabric. You can email us with a request for a quote on other than 5400 series Sunbrella® fabrics.
  • What’s a 5400 series Sunbrella® fabric? This tends to be where the confusion sets in. In general, the 5400 series fabrics are Sunbrella®’s furniture/upholstery grade series. These fabrics are soft, supple and stretch nicely when the umbrella is opened and fold easily when closed. We can get any available Sunbrella® fabrics to make a canopy for you. However, we would need to contact Sunbrella® to get a price on the upcharge for any selction outside the 5400 series.
  • How do I know if my choice is a 5400 series selection? Sunbrella® uses a fabric name and an item number to denote their materials. Our advertised pricing is for any Sunbrella® option with a 4-digit item number beginning in “54”. For example Canvas Forest Green 5446-0000 is considered to be in the 5400 series. Mason Forest Green 5630-0000 is in the 5600 series and carries an upcharge for the fabric. These upcharges range from $30 (most common)- $200. We’re happy to provide a quote.
  • Click here to visit Sunbrella®’s online showroom Be sure to de-select the “umbrella” checkbox when the Sunbrella® page opens. This will widen your search.
  • Important: We need four specifications in order to make a brand new Sunbrella® replacement canopy and to ensure a perfect fit of your replacement canopy: 1) the length of your umbrella frame’s radius as detailed in the video below; 2) your umbrella canopy’s size as determined by the radius; 3) the inside diameter of the grommet you’d like us to install to the center of your new canopy (we have 1/2″, 1″ and 1.5″ grommets); 4) the name and item number of the Sunbrella® fabric you’d like us to use (ex: Jockey Red 5403); 5) the number of ribs, 6 or 8.
  • Please allow 3 weeks for us to make your new canopy.

How to Measure an umbrella video guide: