Umbrella Replacement Canopy by Size

A replacement canopy for your patio or market style umbrella makes a lot of sense. In most cases the frame has been spared the ravages of the elements by the canopy overhead. So why toss that old umbrella in the landfill when you can buy a replacement for the canopy at a fraction of the cost of a new umbrella. A canopy is much cheaper to ship too!

We’ve been in the umbrella business for 30 years and have learned a lot about outdoor shade products along the way. Fitting a new shade canopy to an existing frame can be a challenge. But we’ve narrowed down the process to a fine point. Our pages include plenty of advice, information tutorials and videos to guide you through the process. And, of course, you can always call/text our patio umbrella expert Mark Taylor @ 480-600-1049 to scale down the search.

Let us help you find the best fit, fabric and size for your needs today.

See our 60 video guide to accurately size your existing umbrella:

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Showing all 12 results