Frequently Asked Questions & General Information

Finding an umbrella replacement canopy for an existing frame can be a real challenge. Not all manufacturers use the same materials, features and manufacturing specifications. We have honed down the process over the past 30 years and have found that communication with our customers prior to the purchase makes all the difference in the world. You can call/text our umbrella expert Mark Taylor 480-600-1049 for fast answers to your question. Here’s a list of questions we field almost daily:

  • Aren’t all umbrellas standard?
  • How do I determine the size of my umbrella?
  • What size canopy should I order and will it work with my frame?
  • What if your canopy is too small for my frame?
  • What is a grommet?
  • Will your replacement canopies be compatible with my cantilever/offset patio umbrellas?
  • What is your shipping policy?
  • What is your return policy?
  • Aren’t all umbrellas standard? Not at all. Example: the 9′ patio umbrella accounts for roughly 90% of all sales in the United States. Some manufacturers measure across the bottom diameter while some (like us) measure the arc of the umbrella. Why does this matter? To get to a 9′ diameter underneath an umbrella a manufacturer must produce a 9.5′ frame.
  • Ok, so how do I determine the size of my umbrella? We’ve posted a 60 second how-to-measure video at the bottom of the page. Click here to take a look. Essentially you’ll remove the decorative finial cap and strip your old canopy from the frame, collapse the frame and lay it flat on a table. Affix  the end of your tape measure to the outer end of one rib and draw the tape along the rib, past the other end and up and over to the top-dead-center of the frame (there will typically be a threaded hole at this point). This is your frame’s radius measurement.
  • Ok, I’ve taken the radius measurement off my frame. What size canopy should I order and will it work with my frame?
    ♣ Radius measuring 39-41″ = 6.5′ umbrella
    ♣ Radius measuring 54-56″ = 9′ umbrella
    ♣ Radius measuring 66-68″ = 11′ umbrella
  • What if my frame’s radius measurement is too long for your replacement canopy? This would suggest that you have what we call an “offsize” umbrella. We suggest you consider to saw off the needed length from each rib to get to the closest radius measurement above. Why toss your frame in the landfill when you can convert your frame to a standard size in about 20 minutes and save a lot of money over buying a new umbrella?
  • What is a grommet? This is the single metal eyelet stamped to the “bullseye” dead center of your old canopy. The grommet allows the decorative finial cap to thread to the frame to keep canopy centered. In some cases a canopy will have a reinforced stitched hole in lieu of a grommet.
  • Will your replacement canopies be compatible with my cantilever/offset patio umbrellas? Not likely. In many cases the manufacturer of this style of umbrella performs the final assembly steps of the frame after attaching the canopy. This makes it impossible to remove the canopy without drilling out the permanent rivets. And the designs that allow for the removal of the canopy must include some type of zipper or velcro “slit” in the canopy to allow it to slide off the frame. Our replacement canopies do not have such a feature. Now we have heard of some ambitious consumers who – faced with no other option than to toss a perfectly good frame in the landfill – will buy the standard style patio umbrella canopy and have it altered.
  • How fast do you ship? What are my shipping costs? Why don’t you offer free shipping? We ship stock items within one business day. Each product page will have a shipping calculator and delivery date estimator. And then there’s the “free” shipping question: There’s no such thing as “free” shipping. “Free” shippers build in shipping costs to the cost of the product and call it free. In order to cover their margins these types of shippers must use the highest shipping zone. Here’s the real rub: Since the shipping costs are built into the product cost you will end up paying double the shipping when you buy two identical items that ship in the same carton. So… “free” shipping is a win… for the retailer. This is why we only charge exact shipping for your the entire order. You’ll always pay the highest shipping rate when you see “free” shipping.

Our how-to-measure a patio umbrella video: