Umbrella Replacement Canopy

An Umbrella Replacement Canopy is typically the best solution to upgrade your old, tired and torn shade umbrella. In most cases we find that new customers don’t really need a new complete umbrella. They just need a fresh canopy. This makes perfect sense. The umbrella’s canopy take the brunt of what nature lays out in the form of sun, rain and wind. The canopy protects the framework underneath which we find is generally in good condition. Replacing just the canopy cuts shipping costs dramatically over buying/shipping a new complete umbrella. And, of course, keeping your umbrella’s frame out of the landfill just makes good environmental sense.

Our umbrella replacement canopies are not compatible with cantilever/offset style patio umbrellas due to the varied manufacturing styles.

“Measure once, buy once”

The first step in finding a suitable replacement canopy for your umbrella is to measure your existing frame. Please take a minute to view our helpful how-to-measure video below. You may think you have a 9′ patio umbrella. However, not all manufactures of umbrellas use the same specs. So take the 60 seconds to view the video. And, of course, you can always call/text our umbrella expert Mark Taylor with any questions relating to sizing and/or selecting the best fabric for your umbrella. Call/text to 480-600-1049.

Essentially you need to determine four things to ensure a smooth transaction:

  1. The radius measurement of your umbrella’s frame. The video shows you how to take this measurement: strip the canopy from the frame. Collapse the frame and lay it flat on a table. Hook your tape measure to the outer end of rib and draw the tape along the length of that rib. Don’t stop at the other end of the rib, but continue up and over to the top dead center of your umbrella’s frame (typically there will be a threaded finial hole at this point). This is the radius or half of the true diameter of your umbrella.
  2. How many ribs? We have the popular 8 rib style and some 6 rib options too.
  3. Your old canopy will likely have a grommet stamped to the dead-center. Sometimes the original maker will just stitch around hole. In any case this opening will allow the umbrella’s decorative finial cap to screw to the frame to keep the canopy centered.
  4. Which fabric is best for you? In most cases our new customers are replacing a faded canopy. We offer three grades of fabrics: Poly canvas, Protexture (3-year min fade warranty) and Sunbrella (5-year min fade warranty). Click here to see our umbrella replacement canopy buying guide for more details on our fabrics.

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